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Substance abuse is an overwhelming condition to handle alone. If you or a loved one are experiencing signs of addiction, the best place to receive help is in a local inpatient drug rehabilitation center in Portland.

Outpatient treatments are also appropriate for less severe recovery needs. The proper treatment level can be determined by a professional care specialist who can assess your situation based on previous treatments, relapses and your current living situation. The first step in either type of treatment is drug detoxification.


Why do I need drug detox in Portland?

You may be wondering — can’t I detox on my own?

There are many concerns when individuals attempt to detox from a substance on their own. The abrupt cessation of several classifications of drugs produces extreme withdrawal symptoms that should be overseen by professionals to keep you safe, to minimize your discomfort and to ensure your ability to regain sobriety and remain free from the addiction. Addiction may be replaced by another dependency if you do not learn the skills needed to control the pain, emotions or memories that may be contributing to the addiction.

The symptoms that you experience during detox will depend on various factors, such as:

  • The length of time that the substance was used.
  • The dose of the substance that was used, which could change due to an increase in your tolerance.
  • The combinations of substances that were used.
  • Possible co-occurring physical or mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or diabetes.
  • The effects of a particular substance. When a drug’s effects are short-acting, the withdrawal symptoms are most likely to occur immediately, and long-acting drugs may produce a delayed withdrawal that occurs days later.

Common withdrawal symptoms may include:

  • Mood swings, agitation, and irritability.
  • Insomnia along with intense fatigue.
  • Tremors, chills, shaking, sweating and flu-like symptoms, including headaches, runny nose, nausea, and vomiting.
  • Strong cravings to use the drug.

Our addiction specialists can connect you with a reliable drug detox program in Portland to help you overcome this addiction. Call us now at (866) 267-0312.


Emotional withdrawal during detox

Some types of drugs do not cause significant symptoms of physical withdrawal but do create severe symptoms of emotional withdrawal. Detoxifications from stimulant drugs, such as methamphetamine and cocaine, may include acute depression. Inpatient detox would be recommended in such cases to protect your safety because outpatient rehab would provide opportunities to return to using the drug or to harm yourself.

You will need to openly discuss the specifics of your situation with a drug detox specialist so they can help you choose the best form of detox for your needs.

Different detox approaches may include:

Cold-turkey detox

Going cold turkey involves the immediate cessation of all drugs and substances with medical supervision in place to act in case of an emergency. No pharmacological assistance is provided with this approach. Patients experience the brunt of any withdrawal symptoms for the entire length of time that they last, which can be quite intense for some drugs and can last for two or more weeks. With other drugs, going cold turkey doesn’t include such intense symptoms.

Short-term medicated detox

A short-term medicated detox may include specific medications for a short period to limit discomfort. Non-addictive sleep medication, anti-nausea medication, and other treatments may be offered to relieve bone or muscle pain. Medical personnel provide these medications and remain actively involved to ensure that the individual has what they need to relieve discomfort and to detox as quickly as possible.

Long-term medicated detox

Those detoxing from more severe drug use may require stronger medications on a schedule or as needed. These medications aren’t expected to be used long term, but they may be necessary. Other medications will be provided as needed with the objective to provide long-term physical and psychological well-being as well as freedom from drug use.


Types of drug detox in Portland

The class of substances that are being abused and the expected spectrum of withdrawal symptoms will determine which type of detox is recommended for you. Some choices may include:

  1. Inpatient drug detox
    Inpatient or residential drug addiction recovery and detoxification programs are typically recommended. This level of care may include a 30-, 60- or 90-day program to help the patient address psychological issues, avoid possible relapse and provide medical care if an emergency occurs during the detoxification. Some detoxification programs could include a seamless transfer to an ongoing substance abuse treatment center in Portland after the detox is completed.
  2. Outpatient detoxification
    Outpatient detox is rarely recommended, but in less severe cases of drug use, it may be an option. Regular check-ins with a professional drug detoxification treatment team in Portland and a possible prescription for medication or visits to a methadone clinic may be considered acceptable in certain cases. An outpatient drug treatment program in Portland that can guide you through the detox process may be an option when money is a concern or when the patient must remain actively involved at work or home. Visiting an outpatient detoxification program can provide adequate treatment in certain cases. A follow-up meeting with an additional outpatient drug rehabilitation center in Portland is recommended. This treatment will help you to learn the skills needed to remain sober and will give you access to professional drug rehabilitation groups and individual counseling.

The right treatment is available for you. Contact us today at (866) 267-0312 and let one of our addiction specialists find the right kind of detox program in Portland for you.

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