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It can be easy to feel lost and alone while suffering from a drug addiction. Many people want to recover and stop their drug use, but it can be challenging to stay clean once the cravings return. Addictions can often develop due to hereditary factors, outside influences, and the environment that you spend time in. When you need professional assistance, we’re here to help you find drug rehab in Portland.


Overview of drug rehab

Most people who begin using drugs assume that they won’t become addicted to substances like heroin, cocaine, or prescription medications. Some people casually use drugs in social settings or for recreational use but can begin to form a dependency. Drug rehab is one of the most common and efficient forms of addiction treatment. Proven methods and techniques are used to help each patient with their substance abuse and obtain the tools necessary to recover. Certified doctors, therapists, and nurses are available to assist with each step of the process to ensure that you learn the causes of the addiction and how to avoid triggers.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are available. Whether you have had multiple failed attempts at maintaining sobriety or you’re seeking help for the first time, recovery is possible. Drug rehab in Portland can make you feel empowered to stay clean. The accountability and insight that you receive from drug treatment specialists will make it easier to overcome the addiction and learn how to avoid triggers. You’ll get the support you need to return to your normal life and will be held accountable on a routine basis.

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What Is inpatient drug rehab?

Inpatient drug rehab is one of the most effective treatment options available if you’re suffering from substance abuse in Portland. Inpatient drug abuse treatment programs will require you to live in the facility full time as you receive treatment from a professional staff. You’ll participate in group therapy sessions throughout the week and be expected to interact with other patients who have similar struggles. Individual behavioral therapy with a professional will also be available to address underlying issues or causes of drug addiction. In some cases, you can enjoy having personal time where you can exercise or write in your journal.

You’ll be required to undergo the drug detox process after you admit yourself into the facility. You may be provided with the option to detox on your own at home before arriving, but detoxing in a controlled setting with medical professionals present can reduce the risk of health problems. Your temperature, breathing, and heart rate will be monitored to ensure that your health doesn’t begin to decline. You may also receive medication to reduce cravings and alleviate the discomfort that you experience. You’ll likely receive medications if you’re addicted to opioids or alcohol. Detoxing takes an average of one to two weeks but depends on the severity of the addiction.

Group therapy and individual therapy are common practices in drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in Portland. You will have a support system with other patients and the staff to assist you in working through the drug addiction recovery process and gaining a new perspective.

Follow-up care is also available to reduce the risk of relapse once you complete the program. A support system in your local area is necessary to maintain sobriety. Most people move on to sober living homes after completing drug rehab in Portland.

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Outpatient drug or alcohol rehab in Portland

Outpatient drug rehab is a treatment option if you have a milder drug addiction and an extensive support system in place at home. This can make it easier to continue the recovery process without taking time off work or neglecting those who are in your care at home. Group counseling is a major component of outpatient programs and is utilized several times each week. The outpatient drug treatment that you receive is incorporated into your schedule to ensure that you can maintain your daily responsibilities.

Intensive day treatment, addiction education, and behavioral therapy are also used, especially if you suffer from other medical or mental health issues.

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Sober living homes in Portland

Sober living homes house residents who recently completed an inpatient drug rehab program and need assistance with transitioning into their everyday routine while remaining clean. Sober living homes have a staff that is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to monitor the residents and reinforce rules. You’ll be provided more freedom as you enter the facility, but you will need to follow the curfew each day and participate in routine drug tests.

You can continue living in the home for more than a month depending on how well you’re recovering and when you’re ready to leave. You can receive assistance with finding a job and a permanent residence once you move out.

Residents are encouraged to form friendships with other adults in the sober living home, which can make it easier to find a support group and stay clean. Group therapy sessions are facilitated each day to maintain sobriety.


Is drug rehab in Portland the right choice?

Common signs of drug addictions include poor work or school performance and a change in your personal interests. You may neglect responsibilities or no longer be interested in activities that you once enjoyed. It can be easy for the addiction to drain your finances as you attempt to maintain your drug use. You may have used drugs occasionally but recently increased your dosage or the frequency of the substance due to a tolerance.

You can benefit from drug rehab in Portland if you have attempted to stop drug use but relapsed in the past. It’s important to have a strong desire to receive help and accept the changes that you’ll need to make to begin the recovery process.

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